Welcome to Our Warriors at Home

Arizona philanthropist Lloyd Claycomb establishes new charity, “Our Warriors at Home,” aimed at treating the caregivers of wounded soldiers to a day away from their duties

Our Warriors at Home is a non-profit organization founded by Lloyd Claycomb, an Arizona businessman, and philanthropist. Lloyd Claycomb is CEO and chairman of United Builders Service, Inc. (UBS), a multi-national specialty construction company based out of Denver, CO.

Last year, Lloyd Claycomb along with the board of directors at United Builders Service, Inc, made the decision to donate 10% of 2016 profits to charity, and have chosen Our Warriors at Home as one of the recipients of that donation. Lloyd Claycomb has also announced that he will personally match the donations made by UBS to Our Warriors at Home in an effort to reach as many caregivers as possible and has set aside $100,000 for the initial startup of this organization.

The mission of Our Warriors at Home is to support the spouses, parents and other caregivers of post-9/11 active duty, reserve service-members, and veterans from all branches of the military who were injured in the line of duty by allowing these caregivers to press pause on their difficult daily routines and just enjoy life. 

As an active philanthropist, Our Warriors at Home is Lloyd Claycomb’s next initiative to make a positive impact in the lives of others and improve the communities in which he is involved. While the organization was designed to meet the needs of these caregivers living Colorado and Arizona, he hopes that one day Our Warriors at Home will have a national presence.

Eligible caregivers and their families will receive an all-expenses-paid day trip or weekend getaway within the continental United States. Friends, neighbors and family members are encouraged to nominate these caregivers by visiting our Contact page.

“There seem to be many avenues by which our injured veterans can receive assistance,” says Claycomb, “but my heart aches for the wives, mothers, and caregivers of those suffering from service related injuries and how their lives are forever changed by their loved one’s willingness to courageously serve their country. While there may not be much I can do to permanently change their difficult situation, I felt compelled to find a way to bring some joy into their lives.”


Lloyd ClaycombFounder

This organization was born out of the idea that while many organizations exist to provide much needed medical and financial resources to help those who were injured in the line of duty, the needs of their caregivers are sometimes overlooked. Often times, the recovery process for these soldiers is a long and painful one, as is learning how to live with permanent, life-altering disabilities.

Caregivers of these soldiers are there every step of the way and will experience tremendous amounts of pain and heartache themselves. While their husband, wife, son, or daughter may have paid a large sacrifice in their service to their country, those who care for these individuals are not free from sacrifice themselves.  Their lives are turned upside-down, dreams put on hold, and priorities shifted in order to be present for their injured loved one. 

We hope to step in and let these caregivers know that they are appreciated and loved.